Piano Chord Tutorial Number Nine, A Brief Refrain (Instrumental Original)

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Nine, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Nine

This Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Nine, is an original instrumental song I wrote many years ago as an all purpose song for background music. Many songs use a progression like this. When I worked in piano bars I would play this if someone was trying to remember a particular instrumental song they wanted to hear. Often this song was considered to be the tune they were trying to remember. This song has a universal quality about its progression.

This song has many piano chord changes but it will be a good song for you to practice on keyboard after you have become familiar with the first few tutorials, because this song uses many of the piano chords you will want to play with other songs. This lesson will actually teach you progressions that are used over and over in many songs. As you listen to the video think of other songs that could be sung to this progression, or parts of songs that fit the pattern.


Be sure to watch the first few tutorials before trying to play the piano chords in this song. This song has a C chord, a B chord, an A chord, a D chord, a G chord, an E chord and an F chord, plus a few variations of those chords. Try to use all five fingers of your right hand as you play the C chord, the G chord and the F chord. Practice a little each day and you will keep getting better at performing. You can go back and repeat earlier lessons.

As you improve, try using some chord combinations of your own. Write a song using your chords. Design a pattern and sing to it.

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