Piano Chord Tutorial Number Eight, Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Eight, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Eight

Lesson Eight shows one way to play the song on the piano while you sing. Feel free to experiment with other keys and with other rhythms. This is a song which can be used as a singalong tune at a party or piano bar. This song, for some reasons, is usually done near the end of the show and is not often used as an opener.

This song has been a lounge performer's "Belter" type tune for many decades. It has a three chord progression through most of the song with several fast chord changes that add two more chords near the end of the song. When you learn this song you will find similar chord progressions in many other songs. The version I show you here also has a modulation which starts in the key of B flat and ends in the key of C. When you modulate a song you merely change from one key to another during your performance at the piano. As you learn more and more about the piano, you will find many tricks which help sell the song. It is not necessary to modulate or change keys, but it adds variety to your night of songs.


This was a hit for Bobby Darin, who used the song often in his live shows. It was the theme song for Eddie Jackson of Clayton, Jackson and Durante. In that act Jimmy Durante played piano while Eddie Jackson strutted and danced while singing the song with a high energy level. The uptempo rhythm potential for this song makes it a favorite for pop singers who use a big band or for pianist/singers who perform solo shows. The more songs you learn the better your performance level will be on piano. With each lesson and with each hour of practice you will get better.

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