Piano Chord Tutorial Number Three, A few more chords...

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Three, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Three

In this lesson we will learn several new piano chords to add to those we have already learned. The video above will show which notes make the D Chord and the E Chord and the A Chord and the B Chord. There is also a piano riff which is quite simple to do. It is heard in many songs and requires just a little practice to become easy for beginners to do. It is the type of Boogie riff which will impress your friends. It sounds complex. It just takes practice at the piano keyboard.

The secret to becoming a good piano player is to practice. Try to practice your piano chords for an hour each day, but do not make it seem like work. Do it when it is fun. You will learn how to play whatever style you want to play by learning how to play piano chords. Have fun as you use this piano chord tutorial series. Make the piano lessons a part of the fun time of your day. When you are a beginner it will seem difficult to get your fingers to go where you want them to go. In time you will become more flexible.

The important thing to be aiming for is your own style. You need to feel the music inside of yourself and keep performing the riffs until they sound the way you want them to sound.


When playing the piano I think it is best for each person to develop his or her own style. That means use the fingering that works best for you. Listen to what you are playing on your piano or keyboard and try to change the sound to what you like. If someone tells you that you must use only a certain style of fingering they probably mean well but that will stifle your personality. Do not become a piano robot.

Most sheet music for songs does show the chord changes. On a sheet of music there will be a big letter, such as C for a C Chord or D for a D Chord above the lyrics of the song. It will show the starting chord for the song and each chord change is written above the word in the lyrics where the piano chord should be changed. Many books will place the chord letter symbol in a black circle for a minor chord and a white circle for a major chord. Practice the piano or keyboard each day for about an hour or longer if you are able to do so. Put your fingers on each chord and remove them and put them back. That is how you will become proficient at playing piano chords. You do not need to spend years in a university playing piano notes in scale type piano exercises to become a really good piano entertainer. Make the lesson what you want it to be.

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