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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Two, Using two hands...

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Two, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Two

To use both hands on the keyboard or piano at the same time is the goal for most people who have a desire to learn to play piano or keyboard music. There are many different styles of music and each has different fingering. I will not be teaching you how to read music, but you will sound very good when you play chords on any piano or keyboard. It will be easy for you to learn to recognize and play piano chords. The chords also can be used for organ. Playing with both hands at first will be slow as you learn which notes make up the chords you will be playing. Each practice lesson brings you closer to acheiving the speed and confidence you will soon have. You will learn where to place your fingers very slowly and then take them away from the piano keyboard and then put them back on the notes again a little faster. You will make progress but it will seem slow at first. You will be able to impress your friends with your progress on the piano within a very few weeks if you practice the piano chords each day. Each lesson increases your speed. As you learn remember you are already "playing the piano" with both hands as you learn. You are a piano player. Slow, maybe at first, but you are a piano player.

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Usually you will be playing the same three notes with the left hand that you are playing with the right hand. You will be likely to play with all five fingers of the right hand while you use only three notes with the left hand. You eventually will use more notes with the left hand, but if you play 1950s Doo-Wop or Rockabilly or Rock and Roll or Pop music, like I play on piano, you will rarely need to use more than 3 fingers with the left hand. I often use only one finger at a time with my left hand when I play a Boogie pattern. You will develop your own style as you practice. The most important thing to do when you are beginning to play keyboard with two hands is to practice every day if you are able to do so. I used to practice my fingering on a long piece of paper on which I had drawn a piano keyboard when I was first leaning. I did not have a piano or keyboard in the days I was first learning how to play. I would use pianos that were in the basement of the warehouse where I worked. I practiced on them during my lunch hour but when I went home I practiced my fingering with a long piece of paper. Practice will make your fingers move faster. Your mind will understand each lesson quickly and your fingers will learn a little later.

When you become able to play simple chords and accompaniment for yourself and other singers, you will suddenly become the life of any party. It sounds impossible, but music is like a magnet that brings happiness to any gathering. Keep learning and you will succeed.

Piano Chords

Watch the video above and pause it at any time you want to practice with a piano or keyboard and then go back to the video. Put your fingers on the keys that make each chord and then take your fingers away and put them back. Do that over and over until you become familiar with where each chord is located on the piano. Play the 1-2-3-4 pattern to start. In the key of C play the C chord with the right hand after each sound you make with your left hand. You will begin with your left little finger (Use any fingering that is comfortable for you.). Play the C note with the left hand and then a right hand C chord. Then play the E and G notes together with the left hand and then play the right hand C chord. Do that again and again as your 1-2-3-4 until it is easy and then take your fingers away and do it again. You will learn. You can play piano now, but you need to teach it to your fingers. Practice piano every day for an hour or more if possible.

The practice time for the lessons should be fun for you. Do not make it seem to be like work. Just imagine yourself playing piano music for an audience and enjoy your own show. When you are a beginner it will seem like your fingers move slowly. Time will pass and you will practice and get faster.

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