Piano Chord Tutorial Number Ten, Anytime

Here is Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Ten, which is available at YouTube for free viewing and available to watch for free here.

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Piano Chord Tutorial Number Ten

This Piano Chord Tutorial, Lesson Ten, is an old public domain song which was a hit several times in various styles. It was a hit recording and a theme song for Eddie Fisher, who was once the most popular male vocalist in the US. It also was a hit for Eddy Arnold and a theme song for his radio and TV shows. It is also a good song for piano students to practice to learn what is known as the "Cycle of Fourths." That is sometimes called the "Circle of Fourths." Many songs make similar pattern changes. That sounds complicated but this lesson just requires a little bit of repeating and it will fall together.

Very quickly, when you change from an A chord to a D chord and then to a G chord and then to a C chord on the piano or any instrument, that is a Circle or Cycle of Fourths. You will find many searchable longer explanations for Cycle or Circle of Fourths but for now it is good just to remember there is such a thing. Also remember it happens in lots of songs.


Be sure to watch the first few piano chord tutorials before trying to play the chords in this song. This song has a G chord, an E chord, an A chord, a D chord, a G chord, and a C chord in the key of G, plus a few variations of those chords. In the video I also show the piano chord changes for the key of C. Try to use all five fingers of your right hand as you play the C chord, the G chord and the F chord. Practice a little each day and you will keep improving your performance. You will be concentrating and moving your fingers slowly on the piano keys at first, but little by little, you will become able to play piano chords automatically like you ride a bicycle without thinking about which pedal you should push down next. I think the best way to learn piano chords is to play what you want to play as soon as you are familiar with which notes make each chord. Don't let piano lessons become work. Think of piano playing as an enjoyable thing.

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