Which piano is a best first choice?

I am often asked, "Which keyboard is best for beginners? Every keyboard has some advantages and disadvantages. A piano can brighten any room. The most expensive grand pianos can stand elegantly in a roomful of antiques or new modern furnishings. Some keyboards are best for rough and tumble road gigs. In the end, it is your choice. Take a tour of some of these choices.

Hopefully, one or more of these keyboards will be right for your musical taste or for giving as a thoughtful gift.

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Ear Candy


Real pianos can be very heavy and difficult to move. If you use a keyboard on stage that is plugged into a good sound system, it can often sound as good or better than a real piano that has a microphone pointed at it.


This is my first piano keyboard shopping page. I hope it will make your choices easier.

Most of the name brand piano keyboards will give you many years of brilliant sound..

Piano Notes